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Blockchain & Hashgraph Tech
We at Zinfoway Technologies, we always search for new and trending technologies. That's why we implement Blockchain and its alternative, Hashgraph, to be one of the pioneers of building the new internet.
Smart Contracts
New age of Contracts are the Smart Contracts, people always look for time and cost efficient when it comes to paper work. Smart Contract is the future for the seamless paper work, that can cut all the middleman & facilitate the purchase process.
Another major influential technology in Finance sector is Cryptocurrency. We at Zinfoway Technologies, we use cryptocurrency in our blockchain projects, to help our clients to digitize their assets. Our smart contract solutions helps to demonstrate a transparency of transaction process, giving the investors an additional certainty of the distribution of their funds.
Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Make artificial intelligence (AI) real for your business today. AI is the capability of a machine to imitate intelligent human behavior. Through AI, machines can analyze images, comprehend speech, interact in natural ways and make predictions using data. Deliver breakthrough experiences in your apps with Cognitive Services and Bot Service. Access industry leading AI models that are being used today by millions in products
Zinfoway’s Robotics uses a creative concepting and design process to ensure we implement the most appropriate solution for your application. Our expertise in Robotics are Robotics Engineering & Design Capabilities, Robotics Controls, Robotics Manufacturing Capabilities, Proof of Concept & Robotics Simulations.
Big Data
Today’s organizations face an explosion of data from more sources than ever before. As a result, many companies are rethinking their approach to traditional enterprise storage and architecture to utilize and strategize with big data technologies. Storing and managing these huge pools of information is a challenge for many enterprises. Big data & analytics offers significant Business Intelligent opportunities from the your own data.

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